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Welcome to the Trainers Alliance!

The Trainers Alliance is a Private Mastermind of high level Personal Trainers looking to support one another with CURRENT sales, marketing, and system implementation for TODAY’s Modern Fitness Business.

Please introduce yourself in the group via video or pic with:

A. Name

B. Business Name

C. Location

D. 12 Month Goals

E. What Value You Bring To The Group

F. Favorite Superhero


FIRST: Make sure you have received your welcome email and have access to the Trainers Alliance Portal. If not PM Justene Jo Kouba and she can help you out.

SECOND: Friend other people in this group. The point is for all of us to work together AGAINST the big box gyms to demand the ONLY training that exists is Result Driven

THIRD: Schedule we release a New Masterclass, Case Study, Marketing Today Coaching, or Live Q&A EVERY WEEK. Check back here on in the TA Portal for updates.

FORTH: I want this to have the feel of a Coaching Program so ask ANY and ALL your questions in this group and tag me and I WILL answer them.


The Trainer’s Alliance was designed is for Fitness Entrepreneurs of all levels to be given the tools and advantages to grow their fitness business to a sustainable level.

To united, Personal Trainers, Studio Owners, Health Coaches and Fitness professionals of all types against the Big Boxes who don’t give the level of care and attention we demand of the market.

The Big Boxes have one advantage that us solopreneurs have not utilized in our business till now.

They UNITE all their gyms and pull their resources and knowledge to stay as far ahead of the competition (US!) as possible.

Those days have ended.

Trainer’s Alliance brings all of us together to share our knowledge, passion, and expertise with each other.

Separate we are good, maybe even great.

But together we will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Looking forward to bring about a major Revolution to the Fitness Industry.

Stay Awesome,


PS: Remember to Join The Private FB Group Trainer’s Alliance to UNITE with your new found Allies in our quest to demand the best of the industry.

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